Partnership with Simply VAT helps e-commerce businesses

Cross-border e-commerce and selling to multiple markets might sound simple, but in reality, many practical details are slowing ambitious e-commerce businesses in reaching their growth goals. 

To make the process easier, OGOship has partnered with Simply VAT — a company dedicated to helping international e-commerce businesses succeed with their VAT compliance solutions.

Let's have a closer look at the issue. 

For example, in Europe, all 27 EU member states have VAT. Each country has a different name for it; TVA in France, IVA in Spain, Mwst in Germany. Each country also applies its own VAT rate.

When importing or moving goods inside Europe, VAT registration is required in the place where the goods are stored. VAT is also needed when selling over a certain threshold.

So for OGOship customers who want to take full benefit of multi-warehousing — storing the goods in multiple locations in different countries — or sell globally VAT registration can cause some extra paperwork. With these Simply VAT can help. 

In the long run, e-commerce businesses that utilize multi-warehousing see significant cost savings due to shorter routes, faster shipments, and CO2 savings. The partnership with Simply VAT makes it even easier for our e-commerce merchants to benefit from our unique global warehouse network. 

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Simply VAT instructs e-commerce merchants to plan ahead, though. It may take anywhere between 3 – 10 weeks to receive a VAT registration number, depending on the country. 

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