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Modern 3PL eCommerce fulfillment company

In today's fast-moving world, retail customers have the highest expectations. If your eCommerce strategy is not fit for purpose, you risk losing your brand reputation. This vital aspect of the buying process involves the use of a 3rd party logistics / 3PL fulfillment company that takes responsibility for the storage of merchandise, processing each order when received, and picking, packing, and delivering each item. Thus, you need to partner with a modern 3PL eCommerce fulfillment company.

Outsourcing to 3PL order fulfillment provider is seen as a means to ensure that every aspect of the retail process is optimized for cost and efficiency. From the necessary storage of inventory, to the receipt and fulfillment of the order, to the final delivery, the service provider efficiently streamlines the entire journey.

Scaling your business to a global market can be facilitated by partnering with a 3PL eCommerce fulfillment services that can handle international shipping protocols with ease. Order management systems ensure that your online store integrates with the storage facility for instant processing and real-time stock availability. ECommerce logistics has never been easier!


How does 3PL eCommerce fulfillment work?

3PL eCommerce fulfillment is a process that should flow smoothly, from the moment a customer submits their online order, to when they receive the product. This requires seamless integration between the merchant and the 3PL company. The order is transmitted instantaneously to the warehouse facility, which then picks the product, packages it, and transports the item within the agreed timescale.

The use of an 3PL eCommerce fulfillment company leads to more customer satisfaction and retention, faster shipping and handling, and can ultimately be more cost-effective. Outsourcing the responsibility of storage, packaging, and transport to a 3PL company allows the merchant to focus on other tasks such as marketing and product development. Your eCommerce fulfillment partner may also handle returns, a time-consuming part of any online business.

Full data analysis allows you to make better-informed decisions regarding inventory and stock levels, and whether further storage is necessary.


How to choose the right fulfillment center?

As can be seen, choosing the right company that fits your eCommerce fulfillment needs will be an important first step in the process. Factors to be considered include the location of the storage facility, the fragility, and size of your products, and delivery times.

Ideally, the eCommerce fulfillment center will be located within easy reach of your customers, to allow for quicker delivery times. You also need to confirm whether your international buyers can be catered for and if agreed delivery timescales are genuinely achievable.

If sustainable solutions are an important aspect of your brand, look for storage facilities near your customers to reduce shipping miles and lower your carbon footprint. Consider working with a service provider that offers recyclable packaging with minimal use of plastic materials.


OGOship's fulfillment partners and integrations

As expected, OGOship works seamlessly with native and third-party integrations, including household names such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and ChannelEngine. The order management system is at the heart of eCommerce fulfillment center, and by working with the most reliable partners, OGOship ensures there is no breakdown in the communication process.


How much do eCommerce fulfillment services cost?

The cost of 3PL eCommerce fulfillment partner / services will naturally vary, depending on your individual requirements. There are numerous aspects of the process, including packaging, transportation, and the need for a compatible integration platform.

The starting point will be the cost of receiving your inventory, and this is typically based on the hourly labor costs, followed by a calculation of how much storage is required for the products, and a monthly fee will be implemented. Other variables in the pricing model will include the labor involved in picking and packing the products, the type of packaging, and onward shipping. The cost of shipping will be calculated on the weight and dimension of the products, the destination, and the required delivery period.

An experience eCommerce fulfillment provider, has the ability to take account for seasonal demand and fluctuations in order volume. Promotional offers may result in increased orders, and the eCommerce fulfillment provider needs to have the capacity to handle that.

Partnering with a 3pl fulfillment service will undoubtedly be more cost-effective than trying to manage the entire supply chain in-house. The eCommerce fulfillment company takes care of the entire process, from integrating your store, holding the merchandise in a secure facility, receipt of the order, and the final picking, packaging, and shipping. Not only meeting and exceeding your customer's expectations but also ensuring your time and costs are fully optimized for success at every level.


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