Pro Services

OGOship provides you with an ever growing variety of extra services for order fulfillment. All our PRO-services are fully integrated into myOGO and are easily accessible with "click and activate". You do not need any extra plugins or modules to your online store. Most Pro Services are priced per shipment and therefore you can start using them any time.

List of services

Service Price Available at
RePack reusable packaging service EUR 3.90/shipment TLL
Plastic free shipments EUR 0.25/shipment TLL
Priority Pick & Pack EUR 0.90 /shipment TLL, VNT, GOT
Fragile Pick & Pack EUR 0.25/shipment TLL, VNT
DHL Remote area check EUR 1.00/stopped order TLL, VNT
Return label inside the shipment (only for Posti) EUR 0.20/shipment TLL
Additional attachment to order (bw, A4) EUR 0.09/attachment TLL, VNT, GOT


RePack reusable packaging service

RePack is an award-winning, globally unique reusable and returnable packaging service for online retailers and shoppers whereby delivery packages can be conveniently and easily returned, and then reused.

RePack simply replaces single-use delivery packaging. An empty RePack is folded into letter size and dropped to any post box, anywhere in the world, free of charge.

RePack connects online shopping to a global mega trend of reducing packaging waste. It is easy to use and love.

OGOship offers you the opportunity to add RePack packaging to your shipments very easily. It is possible to use RePack for all outgoing shipments or just the ones you would like. You may also offer this choice for your customers and let them choose. 

  • Price: EUR 3.90 / RePack
  • Optional: EUR 29 / month to join the RePack stores community page and to offer your customer even more value by letting them use their discount code at other RePack using stores worldwide.
  • Availability at OGOship: TLL-EE

To activate RePack

  • Open your Merchant settings page in myOGO.
  • Enable the RePack PRO-service by clicking "Start using RePack". It might take up to 1-2 work days for the activation to work.
  • Add RePack to the shipping methods you like like any other add-on for shipping methods.

Plastic free shipments

Environmentally conscious consumers in online retail are growing every day, and ecommerce websites must keep up and commit to a positive social and environmental impact in order to satisfy them. People in general, are more sensitive to the effect their actions have on the wellbeing of the planet than ever, and that has reached the online retail business. Greener options and practices can be the difference maker behind the decision of buying in a webstore in preference to another.

Now you can choose to use plastic free shipments in you OGOship shipments! This can be added to all of orders or to only some of them.

We will pack your products carefully into a cardboard box or a cardboard bag and use paper tape to close it. We will also add a "Plastic-free delivery" -flyer inside to promote your environmental awareness to your customer.

The service contains:

  • No plastics inside the shipment
  • Only cardboard and paper used
  • Paper tape
  • Flyer

Please note that this option is not applicable to EUR pallets or if the products require plastic wrapping. At the moment plastic free shipments are available on Tallinn warehouse and Gothenburg warehouse.

Activate the PRO-service at myOGO at the merchant setting page.


Priority Pick&Pack

OGOship can prioritize your shipment to our fast-track pick&pack process if you need to have your later arriving shipment orders shipped out during the same day.

This PRO-service can be activated for all shipments but it is usually done per shipment, when the need emerges. The shipment can be opened at myOGO and the "priority" option enabled. 

Activate the PRO-service at myOGO at the merchant setting page.


DHL remote area check

DHL, one of OGOship's main shipping partners, has a surcharge for remote area deliveries. The added cost might be as high as EUR 20 and it varies as per which OGOship fulfillment center is being used.

We have created a service that helps our customers avoid this extra cost by checking the destination address and stopping the shipment before pick&pack if the shipment is going to a remote area. We will automatically send an email to our customer (the online retailer) regarding this situation. The customer can then decide whether to switch to another freight carrier or accept the added cost.

The state of the order in question will be changed to the RESERVED state, in which state the order will wait before it is either accepted (changed to the NEW state) or switched to another freight carrier (changed to the NEW state with a new shipping method).

DHL remote areas list

Activate the PRO-service at myOGO at the merchant setting page.