E-commerce markets are in constant flux. New trends take off before the last “next big thing” has even been implemented. Looking forward toward 2020, what is the new “next big thing?”

Given the past few years’ predictable consumer behavior, improvements in customer experience, and rapid technological advances, ecommerce in 2020 is set to continue exponentially growing.

Here are a few tips to keep you on your toes going into 2020

Personalized experiences

Your customers come to your store because they love your product. However, they also expect online shopping to be convenient, and what could be more convenient for them than having your webstore provide personalized recommendations for what they should buy based on their previous online shopping behaviours?

Offering personalized experience and purchase recommendations will help convert more of your store's visitors into customers and efficient logistics solutions will ensure they are happy and coming back to buy more again.

Buying directly from social media or search engine suggestions

It’s already common knowledge that an online store that has more funnels at the lowest cost will likely be one of the most successful in global markets. But how to get your products and store to be the ones people buy? Focus on ensuring that your buyer journey will be a smooth and quick one from start to finish by integrating buying options in your customers’ social feeds.

Optimizing user experience on mobile sites

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your profit margins will improve across markets if your store’s mobile site is optimized for improved customer experience, since more and more people than ever are skipping the hassle of turning on their computers to take care of their shopping from the convenience and anonymity of their phones.

Reduced shipping times as a selling point for your customers

Some of the best selling points for your online store are fast shipping times and low-cost shipping options. Luckily, a reliable partner like OGOship can help you with this: as a 3PL provider, we have globally distributed warehouses so you can store your merchandise closer to your customers, saving on your customers’ shipping costs and the amount of time your orders are spent in transit.

Expanding to international markets

Global markets are always just a shipment away, and with a 3PL provider like OGOship you can trust that your worldwide shipping needs will be taken care of with professional, volume-based freight contracts. If you’re not ready to expand to international markets, you should be... because it has never been easier.

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