Why OGOship?

OGOship is a 3PL company specializing in e-commerce. Our mission is to make sure e-commerce businesses can ship their goods fast and cost-effectively, all around the world.

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3PL for e-commerce

Ship fast and cost-effectively at all times 

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, has become a major part of an effective supply chain for many companies. A 3PL partner makes it simple for companies to outsource some or all of their logistics and warehousing.

OGOship's speciality is e-commerce. We help e-commerce businesses streamline their supply chain. With us, you don't have to invest in your own warehouse space, prepare for an unexpected need for workforce, or negotiate transportation deals. We do it for you.

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Ship fast and cost-effectively at all times
Sell your products globally
Sell your products globally

Global warehouse network

Sell your products globally

OGOship has an extensive warehouse network that allows you to store your goods close to your customers. This means shorter shipping miles, faster shipments and less burden for the environment.  You can store your products in multiple warehouses at the same time.

Scaling your e-commerce business to global markets is easy when you let us take care of the international shipping protocols and transportation deals. 

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Manage shipping and logistics with one system

OGOship's Order Management System myOGO integrates easily with any e-commerce platform. It's an all-in-one platform to manage your e-commerce logistics and sell more.

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Where do you want to ship your products?

Tell us where you want to ship your goods and what the estimated volume is. Our e-commerce specialists will get back to you with pricing and shipping time examples.

Global trend

Sustainable e-commerce

The demand for more sustainable solutions is rising in the field of e-commerce. Online shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental aspects. 

OGOship offers sustainable solutions for e-commerce logistics.

  • Reduce the shipping miles by storing the goods in the location nearest your customers 
  • Select sustainable packaging option
Sustainable e-commerce
Sustainable e-commerce

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