E-commerce expert Sabrina Kaleva is OGOship’s Head of Customer Success. She and her team are responsible for onboarding new merchants to OGOship’s system, warehouses, and ways of working.

In the onboarding phase, every merchant is assigned a personal onboarding expert, who will walk the customer through the start of your journey with us. We help our merchants become comfortable with using our platform and services and make sure that you always have someone to support you and answer questions.

A successful onboarding team is responsible for helping merchants get the smoothest possible start for their journey.  – We are responsible for the onboarding, which means educating the merchants to use our system, myOGO, and making sure they get all the information and support needed. We want them to understand the ways we work and how we can help them grow their business, Sabrina describes.

After the onboarding phase, our customer service team takes care of the merchants' day-to-day inquiries. We answer your questions about everyday operations and make sure that things keep on flowing smoothly. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer

Sabrina actually used to be OGOship's customer herself. – I was familiar with OGOship’s services since I had bought 3PL services from them myself when working on a consulting project. When I did that, I got really good customer service. So, when a chance to work for this company came up, it was easy to trust that it would be a nice place to work and hop onboard, Sabrina says. 

When thinking of a good onboarding experience, the top two things Sabrina thinks make a difference are proactivity and availability.


Although OGOship is not a consulting company for online retailers, we need to make sure we share all our expertise with our merchants. This is what we do also, each time a new customer is onboarded.

We need to dig into the trends and legislation of the fields of e-commerce and logistics, even though it is not our core business. Specifically, when Brexit was occurring and the new legislation with UK VAT & EORI numbers came into effect, we needed to be able to take initiative and educate the merchants so that they knew which steps to take next. We don’t want to leave any of our merchants in the dark.


These days, customer service and overall interaction take all place online. We help merchants all over the world, so most of the cooperation happens online. The current global situation has unexpectedly given online interaction a nice human touch.

– When we all work remotely, you sometimes hear the sounds of everyday life from the background. Maybe the customer's baby cries or you can see their dog pop up on the screen. Even though we want to keep the communication professional, the cooperation becomes deeper when everyone is aware that we are all humans and not robots, Sabrina laughs.

What the future holds

At OGOship, we have our finger on the pulse of trends as well as merchant needs for creating a positive end-customer experience. Sabrina sees these three things as trends that are already there now, but continue to be even more prominent ones in the future.

Mobile shopping

Mobile shopping, especially through social media, is still on the rise in the world of e-commerce. Mobile commerce is forecasted to have the biggest retail sales growth (12.2%) in 2021, beating traditional e-commerce and in-store shopping.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a new favorite of many e-commerce companies. For example, VR allows the customers to get an idea of how the product would look like in use in their surroundings. This has really good growth potential in many fields and has already been introduced especially in clothing and cosmetics.

Environmentally conscious shopping

Consumers are becoming more conscious about their purchase decisions. In order to succeed in the e-commerce field, merchants also need to react to this demand.

When choosing a 3PL company, it’s important to feel confident about the type of assistance you’ll be getting. We’re dedicated to helping your business run smoothly so your customers sing your praises.