The number of environmentally conscious consumers in online retail is growing every day, and online stores must keep up and commit to a positive social and environmental impact in order to satisfy them. People in general, are more sensitive to the effect their actions have on the wellbeing of the planet than ever, and that has reached the online retail business. Greener options and practices can be the difference-maker behind the purchase decision.

A study performed by the logistics services provider “Dotcom Distribution” showed that 64% of buyers have taken the sustainability and environmental impact of a company's practices into consideration in the decision making process behind a purchase. Presenting eco-friendly practices and alternatives as an e-commerce site can make you stand out over the competition, and attract a higher quantity of customers.

In the last few years, the number of environmentally conscious shoppers has grown constantly. In some cases consumers are even willing to pay more money if the online store is committed to sustainable solutions. The global measurement and data analytics company “Nielsen”2 conducted a research where 60% of the global respondents said they were disposed to pay more money for products and services if the online store was actively contributing to making a positive social and environmental impact.

What online retailers should consider?

There are numerous ways online retailers can implement greener alternatives in their businesses. One of the most influential eco-friendly actions an online store can take is to offer environmentally responsible product packaging. This is a visually appealing way of making long time customers who will appreciate these actions and contributions to the environment.

Some of the best alternatives that can be implemented for eco-friendly packaging are the following:

  • Recycled and biodegradable wrapping: Most of these alternatives are made of cardboard from post-industrial waste. It can easily serve the exact same purpose as the classic plastic bubble wrap, to protect the shipped products.
  • Plastic-free packaging: It is a great way of reducing the reducing plastic waste, by making 100% plastic-free packaging that can easily be recycled in the future.
  • Use of sustainable tape: There are several alternatives in this case, like the cellophane natural rubber adhesive tape entirely plant-derived and also biodegradable. Many options are available that are renewable and recyclable.
  • Recycled shipping labels: Constructed from post-consumer content 100% recycled, and are offered in color white or natural kraft by different suppliers.
  • Online stores can also offer a reusable packaging solution as RePack. This packaging is returned back to the online store in order to be reused.

Another approach some online stores have is to focus on socially-conscious actions. A great example is the brand Tom’s, which provides a free pair of shoes to a child in need for every shoe that is bought by their shoppers. But this is just an example of the many possibilities e-commerce can implement to make a positive social impact.

Consumers are changing, shifting their actions towards the wellbeing of the world, and online stores are changing with them. This type of environmental and social conscious action can be very important. It can improve the customer’s perception of the brand, enhancing the brand’s image while making a positive contribution.

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