E-commerce sales skyrocket during the holidays. For all of us, this joyful time of year calls to mind winter sports, snow-coated evergreens, long nights warmed with mulled wine and time spent with loved ones during Yuletide. Of course, this also means gifts! For many shoppers, it’s much more convenient to order online from the comfort of their own homes than to go through the hassle of going to a shopping centre or retail district. Of course, this is great news for your sales in e-commerce! 

Booming sales mean an even busier holiday season

But it’s also hectic time. Are you really prepared for the increased demand: Is it even possible for you to fulfill all those orders in-house… and on time, according to schedule? Do you have the personnel to accommodate a seasonal sales boom? Additional labor is expensive, especially when it’s needed seasonally and dependent on sales.

Will you be able to afford the extra workforce without seriously diminishing your sales margin? Are you prepared to ship internationally if there’s increased demand for your product abroad? There are so many overwhelming new problems that arise when sales are booming, and logistics shouldn’t be one of them.

How 3PL works for you

Luckily there are plenty of third-party logistics, or 3PL, services available to help you focus your resources on what matters most. Using 3PL outsourcing frees your time to focus on things only you and your staff can do. Your 3PL service provider can handle those nitty-gritty details for you... that way, you’ll be able to trust that those onerous tasks like

in a timely fashion. That way, these basic tasks won’t be distracting you from other priorities that grow your profits and market rather than maintaining your existing customers. It's time to seek other solutions to manage these tasks, so they can all be handled quickly and adequately.

Let 3PL take care of your customer, so you can take care of yourself!

This way, you can rest assured that your customers are taken care of, and won’t need to focus your efforts on hiring seasonal personnel or renting additional short-term storage or multi warehousing… marketing, sales, and other operational tasks should be your priorities, if not simply enjoying these long, dark nights with your family and friends.