OGOship closes 1.5M€ funding round to expand worldwide 3PL network

OGOship has closed a significant seed-round from Finnish Maki.vc to fasten their growth in the e-commerce market. OGOship has been growing steadily (with 46% YoY Revenue) in Finland and during 2019 made the leap into the Swedish market, as well as opened their warehouse in Venlo, The Netherlands.

OGOship’s network has now 6 warehouses across Northern Europe and the new round will strengthen their capability to scale it towards a globally recognized brand.

OGOship has been leading the Nordic 3PL (Third Party Logistics) industry with their groundbreaking warehouse network which enables Local Like -deliveries to e-commerce shops.

"We want to always ship from the closest possible location. Less time used, less costs and for sure less CO2. It’s a win-win-win for all."

– Timo Toivonen, CEO and Founder, OGOship

“It is in our DNA to create the best options for our merchants to reach their target market. Some prefer a centralized warehouse but we see the shift going towards the local warehouses with local benefits. With all the current macro changes like new customs fees for China parcels, Brexit and other similar walls coming up it is important to be able to ship locally. Consumers receive the goods as they would order from a nearby shop, and the merchant has huge savings in time, money and CO2. All these are showing to become more and more important.” Timo continues.

With Maki.vc onboard OGOship can access knowhow & resources regarding scaling towards a globally recognized fulfillment brand. With OGOship e-commerces can have the benefit of a global network without losing the control of their stock to the hands of an industry giant.

Funds are also used to provide better data for merchants about their orders and how to optimize locations, stock volumes and SKU-management.

Paavo Räisänen from Maki.vc

"OGOship team has extensive experience from serving online retailers and they have found a business model that benefits all stakeholders: warehouse owners, online retailers, and most importantly, the end customers who want their deliveries quickly and with minimum CO2 impact. The need for OGOship’s solution is currently more pressing than ever: many traditional retailers are forced to move to online and existing online retailers have to scale up their operations quickly."

About OGOship:

OGOship was founded 2011 but pivoted into the current model during the past two years by opening new warehouses in addition to their own. OGOship offers the full life-cycle management for outsourced logistics, from order pick&pack processes to warehousing and returns.

Public references:

RePack, Delivery Hero (Foodora)

Press contact:

Timo Toivonen
Mobile: +358 40 137 1700
Email: timo@ogoship.com

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