Hey you, entrepreneur! Are you familiar with the feeling of family, friends, picking, packing, and sending online orders? Everybody pulling their straw to the stack! We all should be thankful for the support we have been given throughout the time when building your eCommerce store, then when the time comes to grow, there are other solutions out there!

At OGOship, we like to be at the forefront of eCommerce logistics, offering sustainable and modern solutions to fulfill orders. With our offering of robotic warehouses, we enable efficient fulfillment automation that also becomes CO2 friendly. The products in the warehouse, for example, are picked and processed efficiently and sustainably by our robots and automated packing machines.

Automated eCommerce order fulfillment center

With our new robotic warehouses, processes such as product storage, order picking, packing, and sorting are completely automated by using smart robots. As a result, man and robot work together in our warehouses, with a focus on efficiency, high quality, and a pleasant work environment.

Benefits of robots and automation in order fulfillment

Automation and robots are not used just to sound interesting, there is also an important reason for it. It offers us as an eCommerce fulfillment partner, and our clients, many benefits. By automating our process with robots, we ensure that our systems and processes are more efficient, of better quality, and less prone to errors than traditional fulfillment solutions. In addition, the staff works together with these robots, which do all the heavy duties for them. This has enabled us to develop an eCommerce order fulfillment solution that is sustainable for both people and the environment. By implementing this approach to fulfillment, we save costs for our clients and deliver online orders to the consumer even faster.

With robots, yet personal

Packaging is the business card of your webshop. It allows you to stand out and tell your story to your customer. For this purpose, we offer a special packaging machine which has a built-in printer. This unique feature gives every webshop, big or small, the possibility to create its personalized customized packaging. It enables any webshop to have its branding, in color, printed on the lid. An additional benefit is that you don’t have to send a large stock of your pre-printed boxes to us for storage. Which saves you costs and reduces your footprint. Want to know more about this feature, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Discover our eCommerce order fulfillment possibilities

Curious about the possibilities for your webshop together with us at OGOship? Get in contact with us, and we will be happy to support you in your fulfillment process, with robots and yet personal!

Check out OGOship's 3PL solutions for eCommerce businesses and discover what we can do to help your business bringing on a state-of-the-art order fulfillment solution.