When you own an e-commerce business, chances are you have a product that works great in your local market. Why limit your options there? E-commerce businesses have one great advantage compared to many other branches. International markets are much more accessible when you operate in the digital environment.

What to consider, if you plan to "go global"

Here are a few things to consider if you plan to sell your products to international markets.

Scale as you grow
A good option is to start with a few markets and scale as you grow. Where do you anticipate the most significant appeal to your products?

Do your math
Consider exchange rates. Make sure your prices cover the possible variation, and the profit margin covers all taxes and fees.

Speak the language
Localize your website when appropriate, but don't overcomplicate things. 

Don't lose money on shipping
Make sure you have a cost-effective solution to shipping. Consider a 3PL partner to get full advantage of new shipping methods and to help you with the paperwork.

Serve your customers well
Focus on serving the customers well to keep them coming back. Provide customer service in their language and a clear method to contact you if they need help.

What are the preferred shipping methods in the target market? In some regions, fast, door-to-door delivery is expected, while in others, pick-up points are more popular and considered more trustworthy. 

Get payed
Payment methods may vary in different countries. Do your research or collaborate with reliable service providers.

Get help with paperwork
Customs, fees, and international returns may cause a headache. The easiest way to avoid it is to use a 3PL partner who takes care of this part of the process. 

Use smart options
Consumers worldwide expect fast and low-cost shipping. Multi-warehousing is a great method to accomplish that. 

Even though there are many things to consider, selling to global markets is a great opportunity. Our e-commerce experts are happy to discuss the ways we can help your online shop to conquer the world.

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