People love a good customized experience. If you’re already providing that through your e-commerce site, great! But it’s often not enough to leave your customers expectations high online… you need to follow through to them with your high-quality, branded packaging.

Let's go through how offering custom packaging, tape, extras, and even plastic-free options can help WOW your customers while keeping them satisfied with their purchases.

Why is custom packaging a big deal for e-commerce businesses?

When a customer chooses to make a purchase through your e-commerce site, they are placing their trust in you that you will deliver a good product that satisfies their needs. They will be looking forward to the product and the always so exciting unboxing experience. If your packaging is poor quality or looks bad, their impressions of the products and your company will start off on the wrong foot.

This is why it is important for you to provide a delightful packaging experience for your customers to enjoy. Good packaging (or, say, nice thank-you notes inside) is also extremely shareable. If you put some thought on the packaging and unboxing experience, your customers will want to take pictures to share on their social media ─ which on the flip side of the coin is indirect marketing for your company. Bonus! 

3 ways e-commerce businesses can differentiate themselves with packaging

Focus on the unboxing experience

According to Shopify, creating a custom e-commerce packaging experience that is in line with your company’s branding is one of the best ways you can deliver additional value to your consumers. Creating an unboxing experience that your customers are delighted with can do far more for your e-commerce biz’s image than a lot of other marketing can, so it’s worth the investment.

Sustainable packaging options

Sustainable packaging will not only look good for your company, but it will help the earth in the process. Sustainable packaging was the number one trend for packaging in 2020. If your brand isn’t doing its part in creating an image of sustainability (or at least explaining on your site how your products and packaging is sustainable) you might lose the vote of many consumers simply on that fact alone.

Zero waste and net carbon 0 packaging are both on the rise with brands even using plant-based packaging or packaging that is somehow part of the product or can be repurposed in a different way.

Wow with graphic design

The graphic design itself has a huge impact on how the customer perceives the product. Nice packaging attracts consumers and make them choose your product over the competitors.

Packaging can also be an important brand communication vehicle. Small patterns, large patterns, vintage... the options are endless. Just remember, as we are in the online environment, show the great packaging in the product images too.

Custom packaging is here to stay

Custom packaging is here to stay 

Custom packaging is here to stay, so it should definitely be one of your e-commerce business’s goals to create a superior unboxing experience for your customers. Incorporating some form of sustainability component will also go a long way with the consumers of 2021.

By providing a custom packaging experience for your customers, you are delivering the WOW factor directly to their doorstep and creating a great marketing tool for your business in the process. If your customers are satisfied with the experience they will be more likely to trust your brand, refer their friends, and even return for more.

Make sure your 3PL partner has your back

When selecting a 3PL partner for your e-commerce fulfillment needs, make sure you are able to use your sustainable branded boxes, tapes, and add-ons in the boxes (like handwritten notes, extras etc.).

At OGOship we want to make sure our e-commerce merchants have all the tools they need to be successful – whether this means branded custom packaging or things that enable a great unboxing experience for your customers.

All OGOship customers have the option to use branded boxes, tapes, and customize the orders. We offer non-plastic packaging options, where no plastic is used in the packaging process.

Once you are a customer, our merchant care team is your go-to -resource for all the customization needs you may have. 

Get in touch with our e-commerce specialists to find out more.