Choosing a third-party logistics partner is an important decision, not only because you want a cost effective and reliable logistic solution, but because choosing a right partner you can build business relationship that supports your growth goals.

Top 4 tips to select 3PL partner

So, when looking for a quality 3PL partner, what do you need to evaluate? Here are some factors to be considered:

1. Quality

Too often 3PL partner is chosen based on pricing. Very often in logistics, the focus is on price and not on quality. Think rather what is the extra value what you are expecting from outsourcing logistics? Is the cheaper provider as reliable? As friendly? As flexible? Don’t think ‘value for money’, think the possibilities to grow your business.

2. Reliability

Trust and reliability is the most important factor to consider. Is your 3PL provider reliable? Can you trust that they will handle your shipments with flexibility and quality? A reliable company is a trustworthy partner that values a mutually beneficial working relationship. Your 3PL provider should want to understand your challenges and care about your reputation, not just their own.

3. Technology

To stay competitive within the modern and constantly developing field of logistics, companies must have up to date technology and systems. Evaluate their warehouse management system (WMS), is it easily integrated to your online store? Do they develop both WMS and the integrations? Do they have advanced storage tracking?

4. Ease of use and convenience

Ease of use and convenience is the main reason to use a 3PL partner. Are their warehouses located in right places? Do they scale operations with flexibility when your operations grow – pricing and capacity. Are their warehouses modern and efficient? Do they have effective warehousing space for your needs? Being ‘right for you’ should form a huge part of this business deal. Do they offer shipping methods to support your business? Are international shipments cost-effective? Is their pricing transparent (monthly fees, startup fee, fees per title etc.)?

Choose OGOship

We hope that we have helped to highlight some of the key areas of working with third party logistic partner. No matter what the stage or size of your e-commerce is, OGOship will offer you the logistics solutions and PRO services that will bring your business to the next level.

OGOship makes it possible for companies to easily outsource their entire physical goods warehousing and logistics. We specialize in e-commerce logistics. Our key values used in our service design are “ease of use”, “simplicity” and “full automation”. Outsourcing your warehousing and logistics couldn’t be easier! Couple of clicks and you’re go. Please do not hesitate to contact us and get started with growth!

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Why people choose OGOship?

  1. Automated Order Fulfillment
  2. €0 Set Up for Start Up
  3. Multi-Warehousing as an Option
  4. Multi-Channel Sales as an Option
  5. No Minimum Order Volume
  6. No Minimum Contract period
  7. Sustainable Options for Fulfillment
  8. International Network of Warehouses