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Global warehouse network

Our logistics solutions and multi-warehouse network, enables you to positions your goods closer to your customers. By doing so you reduce shipping miles, lower the costs and enable higher customer satisfaction.
OGOship Global warehouse

Fast shipping is your customers’ top priority

Shipping time is one of the first details a customer searches for — it’s also a huge cause of abandoned carts.

An IPC survey of over 35,000 consumers from 41 countries found that over 80% of consumers think fast delivery is a significant factor in the online shopping experience.

So, with big brands offering overseas shipping in just a matter of days, small and medium e-commerce stores must find a way to keep up.

OGOship services

Next-day shipping to Europe

Store your goods closer to your customers to speed up shipping times and reduce carbon emissions.

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OGOship warehouse

Our expanding warehouse network allows you to reach Europe in a split second. Select the warehouse right for your needs, or use the multi-warehousing option. Currently, our warehouses are in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Next day shipping

Next-day shipping is available to all countries with a warehouse + in Germany and Belgium.

2-day shipping

Rule of thumb, 2-day shipping is available to all neighboring countries next to the warehouses. The Netherlands warehouse allows you to reach almost all the corners of central Europe within 2 days as well.

3-day shipping

Ship to Eastern Europe and far-out corners of Europe in 3 days.

Over 3-day shipping

Rest of the world.

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Go global without wasting the planet’s resources

Environmental concern is a global phenomenon, particularly amongst millennial consumers. Shorter shipping miles play an important role in the pursuit of sustainable e-commerce. Sustainable delivery is a rising trend in e-commerce — and it’s a factor consumers value and even seek out.

What is multi-warehousing?

By multi-warehousing, you can store your goods in several warehouse locations but still manage everything from one store. When an order is placed, the fulfillment center closest to that customer fulfills the order. Simple!

Using multiple warehouses benefits both you and your customers. By warehousing your products at various locations and shipping from the one nearest to the customer, shipping will be faster, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly.

Global warehouse

What kind of warehouse do you need?

OGOship has both manual and automated warehouses in its warehouse network.

  • If it’s speed you’re after, our automated warehouse is for you. Seriously — they can pick as many as 3500 rows a day.
  • Need a lot of customization? No problem. Our manual warehouses can cater to your specific needs.

We’d love to have a conversation about which warehouse solution suits your business. 

Talk with our eCommerce experts

Ready to learn more? Our experts will answer any questions you may have on how to get started, what the key features are, and which warehouse locations bring your e-commerce business the maximum benefit.