OGOship opens new warehouse in the United Kingdom

OGOship has recently expanded its global warehouse network to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom, as one of the leading e-commerce markets globally, represents a huge opportunity for e-commerce merchants.

With this new warehouse, OGOship can provide British e-commerce merchants more options and flexibility to benefit from cost-effective and sustainable shipping both in the UK and across Europe. On the other hand, it allows e-commerce merchants operating in other countries more flexibility to enter the UK market.

– The United Kingdom is one of the leading e-commerce markets in the world. We are very excited to be able to strengthen our position in the UK and to continue to collaborate with brilliant British e-commerce merchants providing them with new opportunities to serve their customers even better, Mikko Puuronen, Head of Partnerships at OGOship, states.

Although cross-border e-commerce is an established practice for many e-commerce businesses, there is still great potential in expansion to new markets. However, selling to multiple markets continues to be a hurdle for many growing e-commerce businesses, not the least due to the many regulatory issues and uncertainties.

Storing the goods in a local warehouse can bypass most of the issues. Benefiting from the local shipment rates, not worrying about the customs delays for individual orders, transparency for the requirements, and having logistics deals that locals are used to are just a few examples of the benefits a local warehouse brings, explains Henri Mehto, COO of OGOship.

At the core of OGOship's services is multi-warehousing, which is available for all OGOship customers. Through multi-warehousing, the merchants can store the goods close to the end customer in different markets. The merchants have the ability to decide on the SKU level from where the product should be shipped — without losing any control over the big picture. It gives a real competitive advantage for e-commerce merchants in terms of fast and cost-effective shipments and Co2 savings. 

We can truly help our merchants to ship smarter. Building that correct mix of warehousing and fulfillment within OGOship's growing network will be a game-changing feature for e-commerce, Mehto continues.

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Linus Johansson
Marketing Manager

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