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We help e-commerce businesses to optimize their supply chain, speed up delivery times, and reduce costs with a modern 3PL service.

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of online shoppers value free delivery on purchases over a particular value*


of online shoppers value fast delivery*


of online shoppers prefer delivery of parcels to be carbon neutral*

6,5 Billion

estimated retail e-commerce sales in 2023 **


3PL for e-commerce businesses

Sell globally

Scale your business
and sell globally

Entering the global market has never been easier.

Our global network of warehouses offer multi-location storage options for all OGOship customers.

  • Store your goods in several warehouse locations
  • Sell your products in multiple online stores and use one inventory
  • Manage everything with one Order Management System
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Ship fast

Save time and
reduce shipping miles

Online shoppers want their goods from store to door fast. Unless you’re one of the Amazons of the world, it's tough to meet demand.

OGOship helps small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses speed up delivery times by shortening shipping route lengths. Shorter shipping routes also improve e-commerce sustainability. Double-win.

  • Ship with the most trusted logistics service providers
  • Store your products close to your customers to reduce shipping time
  • Select the optimal warehouse location from our global warehouse network
  • Shorten shipping routes to reduce carbon emissions
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Ship fast – Save time and reduce shipping miles

Save costs

Secure a cost-effective
supply chain

Usually, only large e-commerce enterprises have the power to negotiate better deals for shipping and warehousing.

With OGOship, small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses can take advantage of cost-efficient and pre-negotiated deals with warehouses and logistics partners. It's your chance to play big.

  • Take advantage of volume-based pricing, even if your shipping volumes are still low
  • Gain access to automated warehouses or select a warehouse that can cater for your needs
  • Ship fast and effectively, even when seasonal demand is high
  • Ensure sufficient capacity to grow your online store
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Save costs – Secure a cost-effective supply chain

Easy integrations

Integrate your favorite 
e-commerce platform with one click

OGOship's Order Management System myOGO is designed for online retailers by online retailers.

We scrapped the unnecessary features and concentrated on the ones that matter the most: the features that help you boost your online store's sales.

  • Free integrations to the most common e-commerce platforms
  • Low-cost custom integrations
  • Simple, intuitive interface
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Integrate with any e-commerce platform

Logistics Partners

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Guides and resources

Discover guides, tools and
best practices

How do I choose the right 3PL service provider?

Ask the right questions and choose the right 3PL partner for your needs.

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When should an e-commerce owner consider a 3PL partner?

Find out the right time to outsource your logistics and warehousing.

Do evaluation
e-commerce owners survival guide to seasonal sales

Learn how to plan for
high-demand seasons.

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Sustainable e-commerce

Our natural world is important. The impact of shipping and packaging on a global scale means it’s more important than ever to make better decisions.

Reduce shipping miles, save the environment

OGOship provides our customers the ability to store products close to theirs. Less shipping miles, fewer carbon emissions.

Sustainable packaging

For the true greenies, we offer sustainable packaging options.

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Case studies

See how OGOship helps e-commerce businesses to reach their goals

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Case study | Tant och Farbror
Fast growth and expansion required faster logistics

OGOship offered Tant och Farbror a complete integrated 3PL service to ship goods anywhere worldwide, quickly, reliably, easily, and cost-effectively.

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Case study | Artiks
International growth with OGOship

OGOship made shipping worldwide cost-effective and automatic.

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Case study | Mukama
Supply chain quality and resource management

Outsourcing warehousing and logistics ensured that Mukama was able to start international shipments with competitive logistics contracts.

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ogoship testimonial
  • "With the fast pace of growth, it's crucial to have a partner you can trust and who will be there at every stage to handle the growing order fulfillment needs."

    Nils Kjerstadius, Tant och Farbror

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Order Management System

e-commerce Order Management made easy

Integrate myOGO with your favorite e-commerce platform easily. Free integrations are available for the most common e-commerce platforms. Need something custom? We’re happy to help.

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Everything you need to know about 3PL and multi-warehousing

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Are you ready for Black Friday 2020?

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Is it time for your business to switch e-commerce platforms?

Talk with our
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Ready to learn more? Our experts will answer any questions you may have on how to get started, what the key features are, which warehouse locations bring your e-commerce business the maximum benefit.