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OGOship Returns:

Get your customers in orbit.

Make your brand the center of attention by boosting customer satisfaction and repeat sales with a seemless returns solution. 

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Keep your customers happy and engaged with your brand

Delivering an impeccable post-purchase experience helps to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Add transparency to reduce costs and increase customer loyalty. Scroll to learn about the advantages of the OGOship Returns service and how it helps your post-purchase experience win more sales. 

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Frictionless returns

Quick access, simple returns, just a click away. Saving time and resources by reducing customer inquires and support backlog.

Own the post-purchase experience.

Build your brand with a extenstive returns solution, providing easy access to a portal, for your customers to self manage their returns. 

Improve customer satisfaction

Enable your customers to a simple returns solution, keeping their experience with your brand at top.

Make your customers orbit.

A great post-purchase experience increases the number of loyal and returning customers.

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  • "A great post-purchase journey is a great investment. Repeat customers have a 65% chance of converting, versus 13% for first-time customers."


Turn post-purchase to new purchase

Customer loyalty is increasingly dependent on not just your product and order fulfillment, but the complete post-purchase experience. Our platform is a no-to-low investment, out of the box-solution that scales with your business. From start-up to enterprise-level, the OGOship platform provides all the tools to build relations with your customers, increasing satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability.

OGOship Returns

The OGOship returns experience

Keep your customers in orbit with updates throughout the entire post-purchase journey. Relevant and precise information reduces customer inquires and personalized communication drives repeat sales.

  • Direct access to our returns portal
  • Simple and quick to book returns
  • Order and product information, direct in the portal 

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Platform integrations

OGOship Tracking is easily integrated with most platforms. And if you need something custom, we’re happy to help.

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