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Make your brand the center of attention by boosting customer satisfaction and repeat sales with a seamless returns solution.

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Meet OGOship Returns

A powerful tool that simplifies the returns process, offering a win-win solution for both consumers and merchants. OGOship Returns integrates seamlessly into myOGO services portal, offering a rich, customizable experience.

Frictionless returns

Quick access, simple returns, just a click away. Saving time and resources by reducing customer inquires and support backlog.

Own the post-purchase experience
Build your brand with an extensive returns solution, providing easy access to a portal, for your customers to self-manage their returns. 
Improve customer satisfaction
Enable your customers to a simple returns solution, keeping their experience with your brand at top.
Make your customers orbit
A great post-purchase experience increases the number of loyal and returning customers.
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Enhance satisfaction: Simplify e-commerce returns

Seamless return experience is building customer loyalty and lead to repeat purchases. OGOship Returns is here to maximize the post-purchase experience, aligning with the high standards set by professional retailers.

Solve your eCommerce returns with ease and confidence with our innovative solutions tailored for modern businesses.

Easy as 1-2-3-4

Request Return
Initiate the return process with a simple click.
Product Selection
Select the items to return, specifying the reasons.
Shipping Options
Choose from available carrier options.
Review Page
Outline the return details, including product prices and return fees.

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The challenges of eCommerce returns

  • High Return Rates: Affecting the bottom line, especially in countries like Germany with a 53% return rate.
  • Complex Return Policies: Deter customers and affect customer retention.
  • Management Overheads: Resource and time-intensive processes from requests to restocking.
  • Cross-Border Returns: A complex challenge within the EU, often hindering a seamless customer experience.

Leveraging insights for strategic advantage

  • Growing E-commerce Engagement: 68% of individuals in the EU engaged in online shopping in 2022.
  • High Return Rates in Specific Markets: Need for efficient return solutions in markets like Germany and the Nordics.
  • Consumer Behavior and Retention: Emphasizing the importance of fostering loyalty through a seamless return process.

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