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OGOship tracking – Simple, Fast, Accurate.

Elevate your eCommerce shipment experience, and Make your brand the center of attention by boosting customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

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Transforming the post-purchase journey with order tracking

OGOship Tracking offers an extended arm of transparency and efficiency. Step into a solution that seamlessly integrates with the post-purchase journey, streamlining the shipment tracking process and delivering satisfaction to the end consumer.

With OGOship Tracking, customers can effortlessly monitor the progress of their orders, while merchants enjoy a seamless and reliable system that enhances their overall operational efficiency.

Meet OGOship tracking

A proactive solution tailored for the eCommerce sector, OGOship Tracking promises a seamless order-tracking experience.
From "where is it" to "here it is"

Parcel tracking begins instantly, saving time and resources by reducing customer inquiries and support backlog.

Consumer Convenience

Centralized tracking with email and SMS notifications and localization options.

Enhanced Loyalty

Enable your customers to a simple returns solution, keeping their experience with your brand at the top.

Custom Branding

Personalize the portal with your brand logo and color for a cohesive brand image.


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Tracking enhanced in 3 steps

Shipment Tracking Initiation
Access real-time order updates on a centralized platform.
Automated Notifications
Stay informed with timely email and SMS notifications.
Review and Feedback
Engage in a two-way communication channel for continuous improvement.

The challenges of eCommerce shipment tracking

  • Fragmented Shipment Updates: Avoid customer frustration with our unified tracking updates, even in the age of international commerce.
  • Shipment Incidents and Delays: Proactively manage unexpected disruptions and safeguard your brand's reputation.
  • Customer Support Backlog: Streamline customer queries and reduce operational costs with efficient order tracking.
  • Lack of Unified Tracking Platform: Experience a smooth tracking journey with our integrated platform, compatible with multiple EU shipping methods.

Leveraging insights for strategic advantage

  • Harmonized Tracking Experience: A unified platform that integrates seamlessly, offering consistent tracking from warehouse to delivery.
  • Proactive and Automated Updates: Keep your customers informed with automated package status updates.
  • Branded Communication: Personalize your communication and enhance brand loyalty.
  • Optimized Carrier Strategy: Gain insights into shipping performance and refine your carrier strategies.

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