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Do you know exactly how much you are currently spending on e-commerce order fulfillment? What are your fixed and variable costs? Download a free cost calculator and get a clear breakdown of your current fulfillment costs.

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What’s inside

E-commerce order fulfillment is a make or break moment for e-commerce businesses. The way you manage the process after purchase affects the customer relationships, the company's profitability, and, realistically, the future of the business.

Whether you are using a third-party logistics solution, doing fulfillment in-house or use a solution like FBA, it is essential to have a clear picture of the costs. Understanding the cost structure helps you to decide what kind of order fulfillment solution is the best option for your current needs and what kind of solution do you need in the future to scale your business.

Who is this for?

The calculator is for e-commerce merchants who are interested in their order fulfillment costs and may be considering what kind of option is the best for their needs.

What happens when I download?

You will get the calculator. We'll email the link to the material to your inbox too.

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