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Skyrocket your international sales and sell your products in Europe

Global cross-border e-commerce is booming. Modern digital shoppers are very comfortable with the idea of buying from international brands, retailers, and manufacturers. From luxury goods to spare parts, from everyday basics to cosmetics and body care – you name it, we’ll buy it.

Secure, cost-effective, and easy borderless e-commerce is not fiction, but reality. But, to make it happen, you need the right partner.

OGOship has a great track record of helping e-commerce businesses to sell cross-border. With our optimized fulfillment center network, you can be as fast and cost-effective as the local players.

Make sure you are not missing out on a great opportunity to grow your international sales and your e-commerce business.


Top 5 reasons why you should consider selling your products in Europe

1. Europeans love to shop
from abroad

Europeans are very familiar with making online purchases from abroad. Take the United Kingdom, for example. It’s the world’s third-largest e-commerce market with a population of over 68 million people. 42% of UK online consumers shop cross-border. According to data from Statista, they prefer to shop in English, and 26% of them like to buy from the United States.

2. Brands and products from the USA are valued in Europe

If we take a look at the most valued brands listings by the European Brand Institute from 2020 for example, we’ll quickly spot a country dominating the list: the United States of America. Whether it is IT & Technology (Apple) consumer goods (Johnson&Johnson) or retail (Walmart), 8/10 brands on the list are from the USA. It is safe to say American brands are valued in Europe, and in the world, for that matter.

3. Ship like a local with the right partner

It’s true: shipping and selling cross-border may not always be a walk in the park. Shipping costs get easily out of hand, shipping times are long, and all the little details like VAT and customs regulations cause a headache. Unless, of course, you have the right partner that can make all of these troubles go away.

Take us, OGOship, for example. Instead of shipping one product at a time from the U.S. to, say the UK, why not use a UK-based fulfillment center and ship to your UK customers from there. We have fulfillment centers strategically located all over Europe so that you can reach most of Europe with low-cost next-day delivery.

The absolute beauty of our solution is that we have made it super easy to multi-warehouse: store the goods in multiple fulfillment centers at the same time while using the same stock in your online store. Our VAT compliance specialist partners help with the nitty-gritty details to get you up and running - or should we say selling your products in Europe - in no time.

4. Cross-border e-commerce shoppers spend more money

Online shoppers, who purchase cross-border products tend to spend more compared to domestic-only shoppers. This means potentially more high-value orders.

5. European consumers are online

E-commerce potential is driven by things like sufficient digital infrastructure as well as socioeconomic factors. In Europe, you can tick all the boxes:

  • High internet penetration
  • Access to broadband internet
  • Devices to do online shopping with

It’s worth noticing as well that per-head consumption expenditure is many times higher in the western world compared to China, for example.


Sell your products in Europe:

Cross-border e-commerce playbook




Fashion is one of the most mature and the largest B2C e-commerce market segment. The European fashion market is driven by big players, like Zalando, Vente Privee, Asos, Otto Group, and H&M.

According to a study by Statista, e-commerce businesses need to pay attention to these key drivers that influence this segment: the rise of mobile shopping, easy return processes, integrated shopping experience that unites mobile shopping, online shops whit extra content and new store concepts that enable consumers to interact with a brand across different platform. Return rates are typically high with the fashion segment, around 20%.

In Europe, the United Kingdom is the largest online Fashion market and revenue is forecasted to grow +5,2% from 2020 to 2025.


Personal Care

Personal Care is a subcategory for the Food & Personal Care segment, and it includes products like cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical goods. Alongside these, also nutritional products fall into this category.

Personal care is a fast-growing e-commerce segment. It has skyrocketed in recent years, as it offers a wide selection of products and brands not available in every store. You can combine competitive prices with inspirational content to make a lucrative service offering.

The online Food & Personal Care segment is seen as one of the most attractive growth areas in the e-commerce space. The market is still in an early stage of development, even though first-movers started their online businesses several years ago and many huge traditional retailers have followed their example.

In Europe, the UK is the largest market in the Food & Personal Care overall category, followed by Germany and France.



Toys, Hobby & DIY

This segment includes products like musical instruments, office equipment, collector’s items, toys, flowers and plants and garden furniture, pet products as well as products related to sport and outdoor activities.

The segment is a growing market with global revenue of US$604.1 billion in 2020. Although Europe is the smallest of the three regions in this category: the U.S., China, and Europe, it still accounts for 20% of global revenue in this market. According to Statista, further transition to online shopping is anticipated for niche products. Marketplaces are expected to keep growing.

In Toys, Hobby and DIY segment, Germany is the biggest market among the EU top 5 in 2020.

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Cross-border e-commerce

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