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Supply chain quality and resource management.

Mukama sells high-quality accessories that are well-designed, carefully made, and crafted responsibly. 

Case study | MukamaAbility to sell globally through outsourcing

Mukama outsourced warehousing and logistics to OGOship. Founders, Karlo Koskitanner and Mikko Ikonen, were able to focus on the essential aspects of the online store, such as content production, marketing, customer service and after-sales service.

Mukama started selling globally to international markets from the start. Currently it delivers to 93 different countries all over the world.

Mukama's growth has been faster than expected. In five years, Mukama has established a position in the international online store market, providing its customers with quality products for everyday situations.

Supply chain quality and resource management enables growth

Mukama has outsourced all the logistics to OGOship. The products arrive directly to OGOships warehouse from carefully selected manufacturers and importers. Incoming stock is quality assured by OGOship before products are stored and sold.

OGOship enables order handling with quality and consistency all year round without seasonal resourcing issues. Mukama can be sure that the shipments will run smoothly even  when there is variation and peaks in demand.

Mukama's customers receive their orders all over the world, quickly and carefully packed, as the high quality products deserve. 


The results

Outsourcing warehousing and logistics from the beginning ensured that Mukama was able to start international shipments with competitive logistics contracts. Selling globally was risk free and easy.

Outsourcing meant also quick and efficient order handling, and the ability to focus on creating growth and international sales without worrying about handling orders or storing products.

In 2017 alone the volume of orders grew 80% compared to previous year. Now, Mukama is shipping to over 90 different countries.

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