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Most frequently asked questions - FAQ


In need of answers? We have set together a list of our most commonly asked questions to our Merchant Care team to help you find your answers before submitting a ticket.

If you can't find your answer here fill out the form below to get in contact with our knowledgeable Merchant Care team.

Kindly check the tracking link  to see if the stock update has reached the warehouse already.

We aim to handle stock updates within 48h of their arrival.

If you see that it’s been more than 48h ( 2 working days), please contact our Merchant Care team at service@ogoship.com.

When contacting us it is important to provide the tracking link and stock update reference.

You can check the situation of the delivery in the tracking link that can be found on the order page in myOGO. If it seems that the order has not been moving for some time, please contact our Merchant care team at service@ogoship.com

Best way is to check the tracking for the return to see if it has reached the warehouse. 

The return will be visible in myOGO once the warehouse has handled it back to stock. Please note that in peak seasons, the handling of returns cannot be prioritized, as the main priority is to get all leaving orders out first.

In case you would like the warehouse  to check if the return was received, this might take time, and additional costs can occur.

Here is the link to the shipping calculator: https://my.ogoship.com/deliverytype/calculator.

The prices listed by the calculator are estimations, not binding offers.

Please check the error message or the order history. Usualy the customers provided information, as the added postcode, city or phone number is incorrect.

More information about outgoing shipments and order status is possible to find here: https://support.ogoship.com/faq-guides/outgoing-shipments/outgoing-shipment-and-order-status/

The order is pending due to insufficient stock levels on one or multiple products. You can scroll down on the order page and see the missing product row marked with red. As soon as we receive sufficient stock to send out this order, it will automatically be changed to the status "new" and sent out.

As a customer at OGOship, your contract has a SLA that regulates the agreement on when your order will be shipped out from the warehouse. 

If you suspect that the SLA time hasn't been met on an order, please contact our Merchant Care team who may help you investigate this further.

If a deviation from the SLA would accur, we always communicate this via e-mail to your appointed contact e-mail adress in our systems.  

Please remember during COVID-19, exceptions might have been communicated per e-mail due to circumstances out of OGOships control. 

Please use the button "request to modify order" on the order page and the system will automatically check if the order is still editable. If not, an error message will show up on the screen.

This means the order has already been processed at the warehouse and is too far gone in the process to be edited.

If the order can be edited, it will automatically be put to draft. Please make the changes and save it to "new" when you are finished.

When you contact us, you will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your ticket and a ticket ID is provided.

We strive to answer incoming tickets within 24h of receiving them. To be sure that we can handle your request as fast as possible, we kindly ask you to use the same ticket ID when replying or in case you have any further questions related to this specific ticket.

Creating a new ticket on the same topic might delay the response. We handle the tickets in the order they come in.

Contact Merchant Care 

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