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SB Ecommerce

International sales: two stores, one stock

SB Ecommerce provides outsourced e-commerce services for its clients. The company builds online stores, manages the client's marketing and social media presence, and serves warehousing services.

A solution was needed quickly

SB Ecommerce has online stores in thirteen different countries. The products range from sports and fashion clothes, designer watches, arts and crafts to sports equipment.

Case study | SB EcommerceRecently SB Ecommerce faced a challenge. Their client had a crushing schedule and requested that SB Ecommerce set up a new online store for them ASAP. In this case, it was actually two stores: one shop for B2B customers and another for B2C customers. To keep things simple, both of the stores would use the same warehouse and stock.

Kim Kaarti from SB Ecommerce says one of the reasons they chose OGOship was the ability to sell the products in two different online stores using the same stock. As an experienced e-commerce professional, he knew that usually in international e-commerce, the warehouse service providers can only operate with "one product - one price logic." But, SB Ecommerce needed more flexibility.

They required not only to be able to sell from the same stock in two different online stores but with varying prices in each store. OGOship could provide the service for their needs.

Why OGOship?

Kim Kaarti says partnering with a 3PL service provider has worked well for their needs. For a company like SB Ecommerce, resourcing and staffing is a high priority issue, especially in high-demand seasons.

SB Ecommerce finds it essential that they can service all their clients well and make sure everything runs smoothly. With a 3PL partner, SB Ecommerce doesn't need to worry about recruiting or managing staff; this is all taken care of on their behalf.

Save labor costs and shipping expenses

Another big bonus Kim Kaarti sees in the collaboration is the ability to use OGOship's pre-arranged logistics deals. They can choose a particular delivery method for a specific country and overall have more variability in the delivery methods.

Without a 3PL partner, SB Ecommerce would have to negotiate all the deals themselves. But to be able to negotiate good contracts, you need high volume. As a sole operator, the odds of getting good prices would be low.

By outsourcing logistics to OGOship SB Ecommerce has been able to save both labor and shipping costs.

"It has been nice to notice how proactive OGOship's customer service is. They make sure to contact you if there is anything that needs my attention."

Kim Kaarti, SB Ecommerce

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