OGOship organization and operational structure


OGOship continues to develop and streamline their offerings to continued global growth.

Helsinki, Finland, August 2022OGOship, a scalable 3PL service provider helping e-commerce businesses to streamline their supply chain, continues to develop its offering, services, and platform to support its merchant's growth with global eCommerce sales.

With over 10 years of eCommerce logistics, OGOship has expanded from the Nordics to be a global operating player with warehouses all across Europe, UK & USA. With extensive growth during the Pandemic peak, OGOship has experienced a great number of developments, and we are proud of the work we have been doing. We are now taking the next steps to continue to optimize and grow together with our merchants, offering them the world as their operating field.

OGOship is now streamlining our service and offerings to continue to evolve our platform and operational strategies. To support our merchants' growth and follow the market segments, OGOship is taking a couple of things into effect.

  • Robotic warehouses are being introduced
    • Germany - Available H2 2022
    • New UK Warehouse - H1 2023
  • Continues expansion of warehouses and regions 
    • USA - Available now
    • More to be released - 2023
  • New post-purchase services - Available H2 2022
  • Global sales team
  • Global Customer success team
  • Enhanced Customer support 
    • Telephone service - Available now
    • Customer service chat - H2 2022
  • English-first language support

These changes will offer our customers a more enhanced experience with OGOship as a company as well enabling them to grow their business into a more effective, sustainable & greater reach with our Warehouse network.



For more information contact:

Linus Johansson linus@ogoship.com at OGOship

About OGOship

OGOship is a tech-oriented logistics company that offers a hassle-free logistic solution for e-commerce businesses. With 10 years of e-commerce logistics background, OGOship has developed an innovative platform that offers a fast-to-market solution that enables SMEs to scale to new markets in a sustainable and easily accessible way. OGOship has today over 50 employees across 5 countries and offers 7 logistical hubs across Europe. 

OGOship believes that every company deserves to go global without wasting the company’s – or the planet’s – resources.

For more information visit https://www.ogoship.com/