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OGOship CO2 dashboard:

Get your customers in orbit.

Make sustainable awareness the center of attention for your brand and eCommerce store. 

OGOship offers beyond logistics solutions to support eCommerce companies to grow their business with value-adding services connected to the customer journey. 

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eCommerce sustainability -
Understand your carbon footprint.

OGOship is developing beyond logistic solutions, helping our clients to understand, evolve and optimize their end customer journey. We are looking for beta-users for our new CO2 emissions dashboard. 

Our CO2 emissions dashboard aims to help our clients understand the carbon footprint left by their business, by making it easier to analyze the logistics network and the impact of their shipments, improving their brand identity.

Do you want to know more and be a part of our new beta program? 

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CO2 Resources

We remove the complexity in gathering your CO2 data and provide you with the tools to understand it. 

Every detail counts

Optimize shipping methods, and warehouse location and see the impact on your carbon footprint. 

Analyze your data

With our dashboard you will be able to see your carbon footprint with actual data, making the strategic logistic decision easier to take. 

Optimize your logistics

With our eCommerce and logistical expertise, OGOship will help you plan how you can optimize your supply chain to get the best possible effect. 

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  • "I'm passionate about caring for this planet. I'd like to bring awareness to ways that individuals can reduce their carbon footprints without waiting for governments to change things on a policy level."


CO2 Emissions Insights

The first step to becoming a more environmentally sustainable brand is to understand the impact of your eCommerce operations. Calculating the carbon footprint of business operations is a complex, time-consuming, and expensive process. OGOShip’s CO2 Emissions Dashboard provides easy access to this data.

With our CO2 Emissions Dashboard, we give D2C brands the tools to understand the carbon footprint of their logistics operation.
By optimizing your logistics, you reduce can up to 97% of CO2 emission.

Contact us today to learn more about our CO2 emission dashboard, and how you can get early access.


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