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OGOship is an sustainable eCommerce fulfillment service and our mission is to provide fast and cost-effective shipping for e-commerce businesses without wasting the planet's resources. With OGOship's solutions, you don't have to settle for anything less: you can ship cost-effectively, fast, and with a low carbon footprint all at the same time. 


Fast shipping because it's your customers' top priority

Shipping time is one of the first details a customer searches for — it's also a huge cause of abandoned carts. By working with a 3PL provider, online stores can outsource the responsibility of inventory management, product order lists, and order fulfillment to a 3PL provider. The result? Faster shipping for their customers, and more time to focus on what they do best — running their business.

OGOship's ideology is: the shorter the route, the quicker the delivery. The same goes for reverse logistics too.


Your consumers are environmentally conscious

Zero-waste packaging or reduced package sizes are some of the answers e-commerce merchants can give to meet the sustainability demands.

OGOship's approach is, in addition to offering sustainable packaging options and plastic-free packaging is to optimize and reduce shipping route lengths. And it's easily achieved by multi-warehousing: storing the goods in multiple warehouses at the same time. It's a triple-win situation, really: with shorter shipping routes, the shipments are delivered faster, cheaper, and with a lower carbon footprint.


Store your goods close to your customers

By multi-warehousing, you can store your goods in several warehouse locations but still manage everything from one store. When an order is placed, the fulfillment center closest to that customer fulfills the order. Simple! Using multiple warehouses benefits both you and your customers. By warehousing your products at various locations and shipping from the one nearest to the customer, shipping will be faster, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly.

OGOship has an extensive warehouse network in Europe including warehouses in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, and USA and with several new warehouse locations planned for the near future. 


Shipping example

The example illustrates the difference between different shipping methods.

In this example, we compare shipments from a warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia, and Venlo in the Netherlands. The customer is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The prices and times are actual OGOship prices and shipping times.

If you look at the numbers, it really is a no-brainer to use multi-warehousing and ship from the closest possible location to save time, money, and the environment.


Download order fulfillment cost calculator

Do you know exactly how much you are currently spending on e-commerce order fulfillment? Download a free cost calculator.

Download order fulfillment cost calculator

Learn how OGOship can help you reach your goals

Schedule an online meeting with one of our e-commerce experts to see how you could benefit from our services. We help our customers to

  • Scale to new markets 
  • Gain cost-effective outsourced logistics
  • Reduce shipping time and shipping route lengths
  • Achieve more sustainable e-commerce logistics 

Easy order management with a cloud-based order management system myOGO

To be able to scale your online store, you need a solid foundation.


An order management system is a central hub that tracks sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment. It's used to manage the process for products to find their way to the customers who bought them.

E-commerce Order Management should be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. The features should be focused on helping you increase your store’s profitability — through shipments, sales, and optimizing inventory so you can get the goods off the shelves and to your customers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


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