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Ship and sell from EU to the UK

Before you can start selling and shipping to another country, you need to take care of many things. This includes tasks like customs, duties, and documents. This can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for those e-commerce businesses that sell their products in the United Kingdom. Learn how to bypass some of the most common issues with cross-border e-commerce between the EU and the UK.


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Bypass the most common shipping issues

The United Kingdom left the European Union at the beginning of 2021. The way EU member state businesses can now trade with the United Kingdom has changed.

Several regulatory changes impact importing and exporting the goods, and e-commerce businesses experience increased export costs and delays in shipment times.

Parcels moving through the European Union - Great Britain border must now go through customs. They must have export documents, such as the Commercial Invoice and custom charges, and other duties can be applied.

Here are 5 practical ways we can help you

1. Store your goods in a UK-based fulfillment center

Instead of managing the paperwork and customs for each individual parcel every time, why not store your goods in the United Kingdom. This way, you manage the shipment to the warehouse in bulk. Still, individual deliveries inside the United Kingdom can be shipped without the hassle.

If you decide to go for this option, you'll be able to offer faster shipments to your customers at lower prices too.

2. Gain benefits from multi-warehousing

By multi-warehousing, you can store your goods in several warehouses — while still managing everything from one store. When a customer places an order, the fulfillment center closest to them fulfills it. Easy, right?

A multi-warehousing option is available for all OGOship customers. It’s as simple as choosing the warehouses you want to use, integrating your e-commerce platform to our Order Management System myOGO, and storing the goods in the locations that suit you best.

You may, for example, have one central warehouse in the United Kingdom, one in Central Europe, and one in Northern Europe. Next-day shipping to most of Europe is as easy as that.

3. Multiple stores, one stock

For example, if you have different language versions of your store or different prices for other countries, you can still use the same stock. With this feature, you will have one less thing to worry about when operating your e-commerce store in the post-Brexit era. 

4. Help with your VAT-registrations

OGOship collaborates with SimplyVAT, a company dedicated to helping e-commerce businesses with their VAT compliance. OGOships customers get special rates on their services. Learn more about the collaboration or read more.

5. Easy integrations, Fast-to-market

OGOships order management system, myOGO, has a 30+ native integrations for the most common e-commerce platforms on the market. This gives you the benefit of an easy set-up, fast synchronization and fast-to-market solution. Instead of spending weeks of development time, and hours of the configuration of integrations we have that covered for you!  

Fast and cost-effective shipping – at all times

OGOship is a 3PL company. Our mission is to provide fast and cost-effective shipping for e-commerce businesses – before and after Brexit. With our services, you'll have one less headache to worry about.

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